Who am I?

I'm Shardbot/Shard, some NERD with time, animals, and grass touching abilities. I know, grass! Even I struggle to believe I actually touch grass nowadays.

Why am I?

Why are any of us? woah... Seriously though, I made this website (I know this isn't an original sentence but bare with me) because I was bored and wanted a place to share my random thoughts when they popped up. Those thoughts range from what I've done today, pseudo-deep thoughts about videogames, and quick blog posts to show that I totally haven't forgotten about the site when I inevitably forget about the site. This is usually the part the creator gives away all their personal information like age, name, house number, credit card details, but I'm a storyteller! And I want everyone to come up with their own image of me. Also I don't wanna give away that I'm a 800 year old blob of slime living under London Bridge. I will say that I live somewhere in the UK though. Maybe in London, maybe not, but who lives outside of London??? (haha anti-american joke hahahah)

Where am I?

Refer to "Why am I?"

What am I?

Totally not an 800 year old blob of slime living under London Bridge.

When am I?

Currently sometime in 2039, I try to avoid calenders because I find that more fun.

*BLANK* am I? (Insert your own word there)

Because I'm tha joka baybee!!!