Man Vs Queen

So it's been a week and a bit since the last post. I've spent all of that time, literally 24/7 working on making the site look nice (okay I'm exaggerating but it's been a good few hours each night) and I am failing. If you catch this post in time then you'll know what I mean, if not then you'll think I'm a big fat liar because the site looks nearly as hot as me from where you are. I decided to spend tonight actually adding content to the site though so here you are.

It's October!!!!! That means cheap candy and even cheaper costumes! I've never been a big halloween fan. I think my distain started when I was given an apple and a toothbrush when out trick or treating as a kid. Or maybe it's the fact I don't like candy, maybe both. I understand it's strange going around to stranger's houses asking for candy that I'm never gonna eat, but I just enjoyed the event. Wandering around with my mum, sometimes family friends too if I was unlucky. Although I did have a really nice neighbour who would give me £50 every halloween which I always liked. I hope she's okay, not seen her in a few years. But obviously I'm a grown up adult now so I'm the one giving out candy... I actually don't get many kids around where I live thankfully so it's not too bad. Just turn the lights off around 8 and by 8:30 you're safe. Still annoying though, and makes you long for the past but if we start going down that road then I think we'll all end up in a depression spiral so let's just stick to thinking about all the cheap candy that'll be stocking the store shelves soon. I mean, I won't be eating it, but I presume others will and that's good for them. I think the worst part about halloween is all the people that celebrate it like it's this glorious event. I get it's usually a joke but it's annoying how as soon as October rolls around, half the internet is just constantly going on about how exciting it is and how terrible every other holiday is. Or maybe that's just me being grumpy. I dunno. I think they should dig the queen up for Halloween. Wheel her around the streets of London. Imagine leaving the club at 2am, drunk and tired, walking home then suddenly coming across the queen just floating down the dim street. That'd make for an amazing Rowan Atkinson movie. HE COULD PLAY THE QUEEN!