01/10/2022 Man Vs Queen

So it's been a week and a bit since the last post. I've spent all of that time, literally 24/7 working on making the site look nice (okay I'm exaggerating but it's been a good few hours each night) and I am failing.

19/09/2022 The Birth of a Home

Hi, I'm shardbot or sh4rd as you probably know if you saw the about page (if it's even up when you see this.) This is gonna be a short post because I'm writing it at midnight (I know, is it really the 19th or am I lying?) and I need sleep.


This IS A test POST. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK, OR DO, IT JUST LINKS TO AN EMPTY PAGE ANYWAY. LOREM IPSUM AND ALL THAT. I DON'T HAVE a link to Lorem ipsum right now so I'll just type all this manually. It's the 20th today, I'm not lying this time. Anyway, that should be enough text. Thanks.